Atlantic on the Rocks

Ralph Villiger

More than 100 colour pictures

Pictures personally chosen by Ralph Villiger about the days and nights on the northern Atlantic and about the stay in Greenland.

200 Pages

Atlantic on the Rocks is the personal logbook of Ralph Villiger about his participation in the OSTAR-Regatta, his solo-sailing-cruise to Greenland and the first ascent of the „Kirken“. In between these topics he has interspersed information worth knowing in an enjoyable way.




A portrait about “Ntombifuti”, the yacht with its own soul (and a lot of quirks) as well as a glossary with the most important technical terms.

Ralph Villiger

Skipper, Mountaineer and more
Ralph Villiger has been sailing since he was aged 18. He was mainly sailing the middle sea and the Atlantic on his own with his yacht “Ntombifuti”. In June 2011 he started for his first Single-Hand-Regatta to the Azores and back (AZAB). In 2013 he finished the Trans-Atlantic-Regatta OSTAR (Original Single-Handed-Transatlantic-Race). After that he was sailing up to Greenland on his own – that’s where he discovered his passion for the Arctic. With his sailing yacht being the base for the expedition, he climbed the „Kirken“ together with his mountaineer friend Harald Fichtinger. Ralph was as passionate a mountaineer as he was a Skipper. Being a mathematician, he also mastered the art of Astro-Navigation. In his business life he managed his own consultancy company for the pharmaceutical industry. Furthermore Ralph used to be a connoisseur of wine as well as a producer of Gin.


  • Chapter 1: The OSTAR Regatta
  • Chapter 2: Greenland
  • Chapter 3: First Ascent of “Kirken”
  • Annex 1: Ntombifuti
  • Annex 2: Glossary


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